Montana Mountains

Montana Mountains Volume

It is hard to look at a product and know what is inside. There is more to a book that just the cover. We all know that. I would like to introduce you to what my “Coffee Table Books” really are inside the cover. Photos of a page or two will be posted in this website in the Gallery.  Coffee table books are meant to be something a guest might pick up while waiting for the hostess to finish setting a table for a meal. It is meant to be what I have done with them, bits and pieces of our lives; maybe somewhat like Granny’s old patchwork quilt that you remember lying on the bed. Photos that stir the senses, poetry that is a short story that has a rhythm, much like music or something that flows and whisks you away from the present scene to the one being offered in the book. These will be full of things to point you to a special season or life style or back to history and roots. Things you can savor and read quickly. Maybe something to make you smile or laugh just when you need it the most. The point of these books are to lift your day, lighten your load and heavy spirits if indeed they need to be lightened, sharpen your wit and perspectives, share with you things that you may never encounter on your own without the sharing of the journey.  If it accomplishes this it will be worth the time and effort put into it to make it the unique piece I feel it has become. There will be several volumes and several themes. Some may overlap with similar or same photos but all will give the book just what it needs to bring the flavor of the moment out crisp, clear and alive. Thank you for allowing me to share this introductory with you.

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